Professional and Sustainable Watchdogs for the Public Interest

Court Watch Poland Foundation is one of 5 partner NGOs in a systemic project titled Professional and Sustainable for the Public Interest, funded by Norwegian and European Economic Area grants. The project, that will be realized between 2014-2016, is aimed at capacity and sustainability building of those organizations that focus on monitoring public institutions. In Poland, such initiatives still largely rely on external funding, rather than on grassroots support. Therefore, the project aims at increasing the public perception and understanding of the role of watchdogs for ensuring the quality of governance at all levels.
Representatives of the Foundation will be responsible for organizing workshops addressed at individuals and small initiatives trying to hold public authorities accountable. Planned topics include using methods of social science in watchdogging, statistical analysis; crowdsourcing, using IT tools and communicating and cooperating with stakeholders. Enrolment dates: from October 2014 to October 2015. Detailed description of the project (in English) is available here.

Project is run by:

Financed by EOG Funds

and Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.


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