Visit in Armenia

Between April 26-29, 2016 representatives of Court Watch Poland Foundation visited Armenia to share our experience with Citizen Court Monitoring with NGOs from Armenia and Georgia. Our visit was possible due to a joint project with Armenia’s leading watchdog organization – Protection of Rights Without Borders, and sponsored by the Visegrad Fund. Ca. 20 participants – NGO activists from both countries – were introduced to the idea of comprehensive court monitoring by lay people. During the 2-days training, we discussed methodology of lay court monitoring, as well as principles of procedural justice. Participants actively engaged to develop local strategies of action, identify problems and solutions, draft observation forms, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats, connected to the planned monitoring program. We wish to thank our hosts – Haykuhi, Ani, Lusine, Haik, Hasmik and others, and the participants, for their hospitality and the possibility to learn from each other. We hope they will succeed in fostering transparency and responsiveness of the judicial systems in Armenia and Georgia, and ultimately – enhance public confidence in the courts.

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