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Welcome to the website of Court Watch Poland Foudation – not-for-profit organization supporting positive changes in the Polish system of justice through citizen court monitoring.

The aim of Foundation’s activities is to increase the public accountability of the Polish judicial system. This aim is to be achieved through monitoring the work of courts to see if they fulfill their social functions, helping to implement and promote positive examples and good practices, as well as eliminating negative practices, in Polish courts.

Citizen trial monitoring, the principal form of the Foundation’s activity, consists in citizens taking part in court sessions. They do not represent any of the parties, but observe the proceedings, paying special attention to the performance of the judges and court clerks, realization of rights bestowed upon the parties, the way the parties are treated, as well as circumstances, in which they confront the court. Many other court watch organizations do the same elsewhere, including USA, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and Germany. Check our Court Monitoring Methodology for more details.

The Foundation recruits and trains people who would like to take part in trial monitoring in a systematic way. Participants of the program are equipped with forms, and are encouraged to submit their observations for analysis. Observations are used to prepare reports and analysis, which are made available to the courts an to the public.

Observers of the Foundation are people who – apart from being present at trials as members of the public – decided to submit their observation to us. At court sessions they are the anonymous representatives (‘the ears’ and ‘the eyes’) of the society – assisting at various sessions – including those which normally do not attract media attention. They put life into the right to have a public process.

Court Watch Poland Foundation is a non-profit organization. The Foundation is not associated with any political party or church. The headquarters of the Foundation are in Toruń. The Foundation is registered in the National Court Register at number 353330.

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Fundacja Court Watch Polska
ul. Moniuszki 5/8
87-100 Toruń

Contact details:

Bartosz Pilitowski – President of the Board
tel. 608-084-086
e-mail: b.pilitowski@courtwatch.pl

Stanisław Burdziej, Ph.D. – Member of the Board
tel. 604-328-378
e-mail: s.burdziej@courtwatch.pl

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