Court Watch Poland Foundation is one of the most influential and recognisable watchdog and think-tank organizations in Poland. It’s mission is to improve Polish judiciary system’s transparency, efficiency and accessibility. Since 2010 research conducted by Court Watch provide valuable knowledge on major issues concerning justice system in Poland and has been extensively discussed. Foundation also trains civil society organizations abroad in conducting court monitoring, crowdsourcing and socio-legal analysis.

Court Watch Poland Foundation is currently looking for students interested in internship in 2 programmes:

Comparative Research and Analysis Programme (Toruń)

is focused on comparative analysis of justice systems that will allow to formulate recommendations to policy makers. Provided individual and group mentoring in office located in popular tourist destination – city of Torun, Poland. Accommodation assistance on request. Expected workframe is 20-40 hours per week, for a minimum of 1 month, preferably for 3-6 months. The internship is offered to both Polish and English speakers.

Court Monitoring Programme (whole Poland)

is one of the most significant watchdog initiatives in Poland and probably the largest research concerning courtroom experience ever done. Since 2010 Court Watch volunteers have performed over 35 thousand observations of court hearings (participating as public in various court cases – criminal, civil and others) and almost 4 thousand observations of court buildings and infrastructure. Provided training and participation in the program allow students to gain firsthand experience with justice system and court hearing evaluation. Expected workframe is 4-20 hours per week, for a minimum of 1 month. Participants of the programme can fulfill their tasks in any location in Poland. Basic knowledge of Polish is recommended but not necessary as observers not speaking Polish can work in pairs with Polish speaking colleagues.

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